Sometimes home maintenance can seem overwhelming and endless, but keeping your home in good shape now will save you both time and money in the long run. One thing that needs regular maintenance in your home is your HVAC system. HVAC units need to be checked periodically and have their air filters changed on a regular basis. Each fall and spring, however, you should be doing a more thorough tune-up. When the seasons change, so does the equipment you use, and in spring we switch from furnace to AC (unless you have a heat pump that both heats and cools). Either way, it’s worth it to have your HVAC equipment checked out, cleaned and tuned as needed to ensure optimal performance this summer. Let’s take a look at some of these spring HVAC maintenance basics.


The electrical components of your HVAC system should be checked a few times a year. Thermostats need to be periodically calibrated, or you could risk an incorrect reading, costing you in the long run. For example, if your thermostat reads 70 when it is really 68 degrees in your home, your air conditioning could be running when it doesn’t need to, raising your energy bills. Additional electric components that should be checked each spring include:
  • Electrical connections
  • Amperage draw
  • Wiring
  • Total electrical use
The filters in your air handler need to be checked and replaced on a schedule recommended by your equipment’s manufacturer. Depending on the type of filters you use, they may need to be replaced monthly or once every few months. But in spring it’s a good idea to do a more thorough inspection of the filters, ducts and drains before you crank up your air conditioning during the first heat wave. If you are currently using a fiberglass filter that needs to be replaced once a month, this may be a good time to consider switching to a HEPA filter that can last up to six months. Spring is also an important time to check the drain on your evaporator unit, because a clogged drain can lead to water damage. Other things to check include:
  • Return air filter
  • Condensation pan
  • Check for debris and blockages around outside unit
  • Clean air returns around the house


Checking your HVAC unit’s motors is also an important part of spring maintenance. It’s critical to make sure the blower is running smoothly and is free of any debris. Other things to check or have checked include:
  • Blower wheel
  • Blower motor stability and electrical usage
  • Belts and belt tension
  • Condenser fan motor
  • Compressor energy usage
Inspecting and maintaining your HVAC unit can seem overwhelming, but it is one of the key parts of home maintenance. At Cool Breeze, we have years of experience in all types of HVAC units, and we’d love to help put your mind at ease going into Maryland’s warmer months. Our pre-season maintenance service will ensure your unit is in its peak condition and operates efficiently. While some of your home maintenance can be done on your own, it’s a wise idea to have your HVAC unit checked by a professional who knows what to look for.
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